The word Minta is Huaorani foyellow and blue macawr Yellow and Blue Macaw. With an array of vibrant colors, this macaw is a charismatic bird that is symbolic of the forest around the small Huaorani community of Omacawayno. This small Huaorani village is located deep in the Ecuadorian Amazon in the Yasuní National Park and is home to a family of Huaorani fighting to maintain their way of life and preserve their forest in the face of intense external pressures.

Conan Bare Omaca and Cawiha Omaca invite you to join them at their jungle home; they welcome you to experience the uniqueness of their forest, their culture, and to observe the countless macaws with whom they share this jungle landscape.

The Omaca family would like to invite anyone interested to spend time with them as part of their family. Cultural and natural tours with the Huaorani of Omakawayno last from six to seven days. The price of the tour is 120 USD per day per person with a minimum of three passengers. All visitors in good health are welcome to join Conan and Cawiha and experience the splendors of their untouched forest and proud culture.